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Perry County has alot to offer.  You can take a tour of Perry County's Historical Markers, view the round barns and barn quilts, visit the Veterans Memorial Guide, Tour the Tecumseh Theater in Shawnee, ride the ATV Trails, play a round of golf. ride your bike around Buckeye Lake, visit one of our many parks, canoe or kayak at several area  lakes and enjoy a meal at one of our local restaurants!

Round Barns in Perry County

  • The old Gilmore farm, now owned by Mr. Robert Meutzel built in 1917 and rebuilt after a fire in 1932.  Located approximately ½ miles south of St. Rt. 13, three miles north of Somerset, on Reading Twp. Rd. 136 near the village of New Reading.

  • The old Mott Thomas Farm, now owned by John McGaughey family built in 1908.  Located on Jackson Twp. Rd. 94-A, within sight of St. Rt. 37, 1 miles east of Junction City

  • The old Evi Melick farm, owned by Neil Cooperrider built in 1927.  Located on Madison Twp. Rd. 95, ½ mile north of US Rt. 22, 6 miles east of Somerset, near the village of Sego

  • The old August Dornbirer property still in the family.  The barn is not visible from the road.  It is located off St. Rt. 204, west of Glenford.

Round barn
Barn Quilt


  • Clay Center of Ohio, 7327 Ceramic Rd., Roseville

  • Dennis & Marian DeRolph Farm,  4694 Hopewell Indian Rd, Glenford

  • Walter & Margie Esselstein Farm, 2626 Jamestown Rd., Crooksville

  • David & Louann Henderson Farm, 3098 US Hwy 22, Somerset

  • Treg & Courtney Ulmer Farm, 1815 Glassrock Rd., Glenford

  • Wildwood Inn & Llama Farm, 6345 Twp. Rd. 134 SE, New Straitsville



Come visit one of our many parks, lake or trails in Perry County.

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